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Welcome to PeterExline.com
Peter Exline has worked for Warner Bros., Mace Neufeld and Michael Douglas supervising screenwriters. As a free-lance reader he has "covered" more than 10,000 screenplays for agencies ICM, CAA, AMG and others, television for HBO, Fox and NBC, and feature film projects for numerous independent companies such as Mandalay Productions, Artisan Entertainment, Turner Pictures, to name a few.

He has taught at U.S.C. School of Cinema-Television since 1992, as well as U.C.L.A. Writer's Program. He has lectured on screenwriting in America and abroad.

Peter continues working as a script consultant for independent producers and individual writers. He can review your material, write four pages of development notes and consult on the phone for an hour.
  “Peter Exline is the best, an invaluable source of insights.”

George Heller, Foursight Entertainment


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